About Inner Dawn Yoga

Inner Dawn Yoga is a unique studio with a warm welcoming energy and vibe, located in downtown Sarnia ON.  Lisa, Owner and Founder of IDY, created this friendly, non-competitive, vibrant space so that all who enter feel & find -healing, peace and love.

Why name it Inner Dawn?

Dawn arrives each and every day. A peaceful, calm and magical time of day. A time of day when the mind is at its clearest, the body is rested  and a stillness surrounds you. Dawn is a reminder that we get a fresh new start to our life. It’s a brand new day and with that brings ease and purpose. What shall you invite into your moments today? How will you move through your day and how can you inspire yourself and others? Dawn is the perfect time to embrace the simple things in life, and marinate in the quiet serene moments of the early morning hours. Lisa believes that there is a “Dawn” inside all of us. Each time we step on our mats it becomes an opportunity to tap into our soul, the true self. Our mats give us a chance to awaken the sleeping spirit and seek out knowledge of what we need each day to live happier and healthier lives. Every time we practice yoga, we are exploring and finding wisdom. We remove the layers that do not serve us any longer and let the beauty shine out from our heart. The dawn inside of us is always there, inviting us to choose calm, sit still, move with awareness and surrender ourselves into the amazing and sometimes complicated thing called life. Yoga is Living mindfully-Inner Dawn is here to remind you of that and offer you the chance to explore inwardly each and every time you come to the mat.

Inner Dawn Yoga Studio is a community wellness center, promoting mindful living, health and well-being, and beyond the daily variety of yoga classes, offers monthly workshops and trainings. The desire here is to promote an environment where students can creatively express themselves in a safe, comfortable, calming, and relaxing atmosphere.

The mission of Inner Dawn Yoga is to offer enlightening and inspiring experiences for everyone, regardless of age, or ability. The practice is not just a “workout”, but it will embrace all facets of a yoga program. Feeding all mental and spiritual needs by allowing the student to embrace who they are, wherever they are in life.

We offer many styles and levels of practice feeding your creativity and curiosity and ensuring that there is something for everyone. Inner Dawn strongly believes that there is not one, but many paths of yoga-just like life.  It is here that we encourage you to seek that what gives you peace and wisdom.

What are the classes like?
We celebrate and encourage individuality in all its forms. Each class is a unique reflection of the teacher’s path and of their style.
Depending on which style or class you choose, there may be chanting, meditation, a Dharma talk, focus on body alignment,  a peak pose, just stretching, soft and quiet music, rock and roll…or the only music you may hear is the sound of your own breath and the beat of your heart as you still your mind.
Whichever style you gravitate toward, OUR Yoga is always led by certified teachers, with a nurturing hand, who teach from the heart.

Check out our teacher bios to get an idea of what they teach and the specific classes, or be in the moment and allow yourself a Yogic surprise.

Are you a Yoga Newbie? Not sure what to do and feel nervous? No need for worries…we love New students of Yoga just as much as we love our seasoned practitioners. To make you feel more comfortable, join our Yoga Fundamentals class or any of our Level 1 classes to understand a little more and feel at ease. We also run a Yoga For Beginners Course every few months so keep your eye out for that workshop!

With the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the stunning views of the St.Clair river and drawing in a ton of natural light, Inner Dawn Yoga Studio is a destination and a sanctuary for all who desire inner peace and a sense of personal well-being. It offers a serene atmosphere where you can let go, breathe, smile and find some space and balance in your life.


We invite you to share this magical and beautiful space with us…

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Lisa and the IDY Team