Several years ago Lisa began her travels out to the west coast of Canada. Once arriving in Alberta she immediately fell in love with the landscape and took up hiking, snowboarding and embraced the beauty of the mountains and outdoors. She has always been athletic, involved in many sports  and a huge nature junkie. During the years of travelling through Alberta and BC she continued her search for “something more”. For Lisa, it was not the physical practice of Yoga that she was drawn to-it was the spirituality and the peace she seeking.

She found Yoga and,  after her first class she instinctively knew she wasn’t drawn to the practice for only herself – she became immediately aware that Yoga was always within her and it was part of her life journey to teach others the path. She had wisdom she hadn’t yet tapped into, and was eager to share it with the world.

Yoga not only made her feel more relaxed, peaceful and at ease;  she found physically and emotionally it allowed her to be mindful of every moment, every word, action, and feeling within her. It guided her to make healthier food and environmental choices, find natural and holistic approaches to illness, study reiki, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and it led her to discover who she was inside and out. Her entire life began to evolve as Yoga weaved its way into all areas of her life and she was able to let go of fear and past pain.

Lisa has been a yoga practitioner since 2000. In May of 2011, she became a Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher through Mandorla Yoga Institute with Stefani Hoyt. She started teaching at Mandorla, from there she founded Inner Dawn Yoga and went on teaching throughout the community and from her home.

Lisa has been blessed to have been teaching in local High Schools as she is very passionate about encouraging youth to become involved in Yoga. She has taught yoga at St.Pats High School for 3 years in the physical education program and hosted several Kids Yoga Workshops and classes to children.

 With teaching over 4500 hours, she continues her studies daily and is working towards her RYT 500. She now teaches a Yoga Teacher Training Program at the IDY facility to inspire and make the availability of Yoga in the community even greater with more teachers.

“Teaching yoga has absolutely been the best thing I have ever done and I am forever grateful to all of my students for allowing me into their lives and yoga practice.  I am truly inspired by my students and they bring such joy to my life. I continue to be a student as well and I learn from them. Every person that walks into my life has been a “teacher” of some form and together we share the trans-formative process.  I have witnessed such joy, happiness and growth in my students and that’s what brings me peace and the commitment to continue learning and sharing the path of yoga with everyone. When I teach, I remind students that yoga is not just about the posture itself.  It is about connecting with the breath, alignment of the body, listening deeply within and truly feeling every movement, every action. I teach and encourage my students to accept change and embrace their bodies-today and in the present moment.  To quiet the mind, “let go” and just be still. I bring a sense of oneness and community to the class and encourage compassion for themselves and others. We all come to the mat for different reasons, but together we search for the same things, the same answers. I bring humour and laughter into my teaching as the process can be quite challenging emotionally and physically sometimes but together we encourage one another, smile, and breathe. I am known for my gentle nature, kind spirit and calming voice in the classroom. I hardly ever teach the same class twice as every class has a different energy, vibe, attendance and this allows me to be creative and feeds my intuitive nature. ”


My journey inward began in 1981 when I travelled to India to be with my beloved Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I had an interest in yoga though when I was only a  teenager and it developed into a devoted practice of asana  pranayama and meditation under the guidance of my teachers Indra Devi and Guru Janakiraman. I was blessed to be initiated by Guru Janakiraman while in Bangalore India. Hawaii became my next home for 10 years studying  metaphysics from the teachings of Ernest Holmes, Charles Filmore and Mary Baker Eddy. Here I taught Bal Vikas at the Sai Centre of Hawaii and yoga asanas at the YMCA. Self realization courses involving Yogananda's kryia yoga was then added to my sadhana. On my return to Canada I resumed teaching for the public school board which allowed me to share my knowledge of Swami’s education in human values. The curriculum included a consciousness based program with daily asanas and silent sitting. After being initiated in transcendental meditation I took the Mararishi's T M  flying siddha yoga course in Fairfield Iowa in 1997.  This technique involves raising the Kundalini and doing this program in large groups to help raise consciousness to promote peace. My spiritual journey continued by taking courses such as marma therapy, detox procedures and applications and  pulse diagnosis from Vaidya Mishra in the study of Ayurveda  for maintaing good health. For the past 20 years I have been studying Jyotish Vedic Astrology which is also a sister science to both Yoga and Ayurveda. I received my certification for jyotish in 2013.


Ang found yoga 6 years ago with Lisa Craig and her love and passion for the journey began. Ang decided to embark on the new path of becoming a certified yoga teacher with Inner Dawn Yoga and has been teaching at the studio since 2015. She has a nurturing presence that fills the room with positive energy and knowledge. She has a strong devotion and desire to share her wisdom of the chakras with her students. 

Mackenzie zavitz  //  200 RYT



Graduate from Inner Dawn Yoga teacher training program 2016. I have been practicing yoga for 5 years. Yoga was something I always thought would be fun to try. After my very first class I was hooked, I fell in love! Not only with the physical postures but with how my mind felt during and after class. Over the past five years I have learned so much about myself. I have learned how to truly accept and love myself just as I am. I now love teaching and the opportunity to show others what the journey of Yoga can teach you about yourself just by stepping onto your mat, or just as important what it can teach you when you step off and take your yoga with you into your everyday life.


Leigh-Ann knew before the end of her first yoga class in 2008, that she was going to teach yoga. It was unlike anything she had experienced before, and she knew it was going to change her. One year later, Leigh-Ann enrolled in 200hr Teacher Training through, "Mandorla Yoga Institute", and as expected, was completely enthralled. She enjoys how multi-facetted yoga is; allowing oneself to come out from living in the mind, and come to the present moment.

Leigh-Ann's yoga classes have a vibrant energy to them. Her greatest intention is that students feel they can be their authentic selves. She enjoys teaching her classes from a place of joy and ease. One can find a variety of dynamic flow, contemporary music, to traditional mudras, pranayama, marmas, and Yin yoga.


Namaste, my name is Kellie and I've been practicing yoga for 9 years and teaching for 7 years. I received my 200hr vinyasa flow certification in early 2010 through Frog Lotus Studio, studying Iyengar Vinyasa in Costa Rica under the guidance of Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarrow. I attend workshops and trainings each year to expand my knowledge and grow both personally and as a teacher. I am currently working toward my 500hr teacher training.

I invite you to my class to experience the flow of pranayama, strength focused intention and the sweet of surrender of self into asana. My students know me for my focus on alignment, pranayama, strength and energetic teaching style that comes with the challenge of an asana flow.  My classes provide the opportunity to release ego and be present to yourself, honouring and nurturing what you need from your practice. I invite play, creativity and exploration into my sequences that allow my students to deepen their understanding of self, as we shift perspectives, whether it be through arm balances and inversions or through long-held postures that present opportunity to shift emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  My classes are designed from the energy of my students; we flow together in oneness of community. Thank you to my students - you continue to ignite my passion for teaching with your open hearts, devotion to your practice and connection to our yoga community at Inner Dawn. Peace & Light


Amy first began her journey into the physical practice of yoga in 2006 through an introduction series offered at her dance hall. While this physical aspect was meant to improve her dance abilities, it ended up improving her life. Where Amy had previously sought approval from her peers, teachers and adjudicators, as well as experiencing limiting beliefs and negative body image, she began to cultivate acceptance, peace and happiness within herself. These were the first steps on the journey within her Self. Over several years, Amy participated in various styles of yoga and practiced under many different teachers who have helped to round her understanding of the practice. In all of these practices she has utilized the union of breath, body and mind to encourage grounding, self-love, and a connectedness to Self. In 2016, Amy received certification as a 200-hr level Yoga For All teacher through Dianne Bondy in Windsor, ON. Amy strives to apply the skills she has learned both on and off her mat and share this with others. Amy enjoys teaching slow and integrative yoga classes to encourage alignment, strength, and make yoga accessible for all. Incorporating the mythos of the Hero's Journey, Amy strives to inspire others to journey mindfully into themselves. 

tracy speed  //  200 rYT  


catrina thomas // 200 ryt